Euro Group Laminations Russia’s Two-Years Track in Wind Power

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Vladislav Tikhonov, Managing Director of Euro Group Laminations Russia, told the RAWI team about the situation with orders, raw materials and logistics.

Euro Group (a RAWI member) has been a key player in the production chain of Rosatom’s wind power projects for more than two years. In this project in Russia, the company produces stator and rotor plates: the main components of wind turbine generators. The final assembly of the wind turbines is carried out by Rosatom’s division, NovaWind, at its facility in Volgodonsk, Rostov Oblast.

According to Vladislav Tikhonov, managing director of Euro Group Laminations Russia, despite the current situation and Western nations-imposed sanctions the company continues to work, negotiate new orders and is ready to continue successful cooperation with Rosatom. “Some international projects have been put on hold, but we are nevertheless focused on new openings, including export projects, which we are actively working on. And given the caliber of the plant we have built, we have good opportunities. Yes, we can see that logistics in general have rearranged and become more expensive, but, in my opinion, this will not pose a serious obstacle to development,” said the company’s director.

Euro Group’s reliable partner, NLMK Group (also a RAWI member), has become the exclusive supplier of dynamo steel developed specifically for wind power. In the two years since the opening of wind power component production in Russia, launched to increase the local content level of wind power equipment, Euro Group has already produced 278 rotor-stator kits for wind turbines. Some 9,000 tonnes of electrical steel have been used to manufacture them. Talking about the raw material situation, Vladislav Tikhonov said that in general, nothing has changed for the company’s Russia-based plant and the supply of electrical steel will continue.

Euro Group is an international industrial holding company specialising in the stamping and assembly of rotor and stator components. With 11 plants equipped with state-of-the-art stamping, casting, grinding, measuring and other necessary equipment, the company operates on four continents.

An in-house state-of-the-art specialised laboratory allows the company to perform spectral analysis of raw materials and high-precision optical measurements of complex components on Zeiss equipment, detect the smallest deviations in the geometry of components, and carry out a wide range of rotor tests.

When asked whether Euro Group is ready to participate in new Russian wind energy projects, given that RAWI is actively working on a project to launch production of a fully import-substituted multi-megawatt-class wind turbine in Russia, Vladislav Tikhonov replied: “I always welcome new challenges, we are ready for such participation, and given our successful experience, I am confident that all participants in the new project will implement it fully, achieving the necessary goals.”

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