Welcome to RAWI

Welcome to the
Russian Association of Wind Power Industry!

Is your company operating in the wind energy market or planning to enter this market? RAWI is your one and only provider and assistant in Russia!

Scope of competence

  • Holder of a wide network of connections in specialised state bodies and corporations, associations.
  • Close contact with global market stakeholders and Russian and global experts.
  • Media support (audience in social networks exceeds 16k people).
  • Close cooperation with relevant ministries and the market regulator.


  • Widening the boundaries of activity.
  • Abandoning the “roaming through the market maze”.
  • Expanding the network of business contacts.
  • Business expansion.
  • Staff capacity building.
  • Advertising of the business under the brand of the national association.
  • 24/7 access to leading market experts.

Member categories

Academic members

Diplomatic, research institutes

Free of charge

• Presence on the list of RAWI members.
• Participation in Russian RAWI events without paying the organisational fee.

Associate members

Also operate in markets other than wind energy

2 695 euro annually

Academic members’ options  +
• Participation in Russian and field trip RAWI events on special deals.
• Representation of interests of the member in state bodies, provision of GR-functions.
• Assistance in establishing business contacts, recommendations to the current members of the RAWI, active market players and investors.
• Assistance in finding a technological partner, a partner for a wind farm project.
• Assistance in finding an investment partner.
• Representation of interests of the member abroad in organisations regulating the relevant wind energy market.
• Enlisting in the Russian wind power register of manufacturers of wind turbine components.
• Enlisting in the Russian register of wind power projects of wind farms.
• Preparation and promotion of regulations and standards for component production, development and construction of wind farms.
• Adjustment of the grid operator’s requirements to the equipment on the instruction of a RAWI member.
• Training and retraining of specialists for component production, development, construction and operation of wind farms under agreed programmes and on special deals.
• Holding of conference-calls with RAWI specialists on wind energy issues.

Full members

The wind energy market is a strategic priority. Any industry

4 837 euro annually

Associate members’ options +
• Preparation and promotion of legislative acts, regulatory and legal acts, amendments to regulatory and legal acts and their submission to the Government and ministries in charge.
• Defining the strategy for the Association.

Joining info

Step 1

Please read and understand the Charter of the RAWI and the Regulations on Associateship, choose a member category

Step 3

The application gets submitted to the Board for voting

Step 4

In case of admission, get the voting results report, the agreement, and the invoice* for the membership fee payment

* According to the result of voting at the General Meeting of members of the RAWI on February 20, 2020, the first and second years of the membership are paid upon admission.