Public Telephone in Yamal Peninsula to Run on Wind & Solar Energy

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A payphone in the remote settlement of Kiki-Akki, Krasnoselkup district, (Yamal Peninsula located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug of northwest Siberia, Russia) has been converted to an environmentally friendly form of energy consumption, reports the local Sever-Press news agency.

Rostelecom (one of the Russia’s major digital services provider) professionals connected the power supply system of the satellite communicator to a wind turbine and powerful solar panels. Thanks to the hybrid renewables-based microgeneration system, the free public phone will operate trouble-free.

The significance of the event can hardly be overestimated. For the 30 residents of the remote village of Kiki-Akki, the public phone is the only means of communication by which emergency services can be called. The distance to the nearest settlement, the village of Krasnoselkupr, is 200 kilometres. The villagers can only reach the ‘mainland’ in winter by off-road vehicle or snowmobile, and in summer along the Taz River.

Thanks to similar sustainable solutions, 51 public phones have been put in operation in the Yamal Peninsula. Residents of remote villages can make free calls to any landline or mobile phone number in the country.

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