About RAWI

The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry is a unique organization. It is the most effective and hardworking nonprofit entity in Russia, operating on the principle of scrupulous safeguarding the interests of its members.

The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry is an independent nonprofit entity established in 2004 and cultivating the wind energy market.

The Association’s goal is to provide positive hands-on assistance and support to market participants in their entrance to the market, mastering the production, developing of wind parks and receiving the orders for the wind turbines components, for design, construction and logistics services and other services, rendered by its members./p>

Presentation of RAWI in PDF

The RAWI has a high level of competence, lobbies the interests of its members and, thanks to an established wide circle of associates in relevant government agencies and state-owned corporations, contributes to the development of the wind business of its members. Internal communication and interaction and the competencies exchange in the Association also contribute to the development of the business of new members of the Association.

The increasing list of the members of the RAWI includes the leading global wind turbines manufacturers, the Russian and foreign industrial and power engineering flagships, logistics, engineering, design & construction and insurance companies, research & development and educational establishments and diplomatic organizations.

The Association acts upon the Charter (in Russian).

The highest body of executive power is the General Meeting of the Members of the Association, the permanent collegiate executive board is the Board of the Association.

The individual executive body is the Chairman.