24 – 26.04.2018 Foreign trip “To touch better than to watch”

Foreign trip “To touch better than to watch” Visit the windfarm construction in a country that knows how to use wind energy and find competitive solutions for the creation and implementation of these projects. By development of wind energy, Germany leads, having almost a third of the total installed capacity of EU wind farms, extracting 1/5 of its electricity from the wind. Russian Association of Wind Industry offers a business tour to visit the construction site of the wind farm. Project to visit : Ovelgönne/Brake, 14 Units of Windturbines Enercon E-141, 4,2 MW each. General contractor: WestWind ENERGY.  The company has 50 built wind farms, 20 years of experience in organizes the entire process, from consulting and planning to the construction and subsequent operation of a wind turbine. Dates: April 24-26, 2018. The program of the trip includes a visit to the wind park under construction, accompanied by representatives of WestWind Energy, observation of the installation of wind turbine, questions and answers of qualified specialists, the seminar on the development of a successful wind farm project, dinner with WestWind Energy management, breakfast with company managers.  


Cost of participation: 25 000 rubles.

Accommodation: Radisson Blu Hotel in Bremen.

Baumann’s Hof  in Kirchdorf.   For participation, please contact the Project Coordinator: Nina Kovalenko kovalenko@rawi.ru Тел: +7 (495) 374-58-07 Skype: alcarison WhatsApp: +7 978 841 22 39