28.03 – 06.04.2018 Specialist in turbine blade repair and service

Get your sleigh ready in the summer! Think about training qualified staff in the field of servicing wind turbine already today. Russian Association of WindPower Industry moves with the times and offers a training course:

“Specialist in turbine blade repair and service”

The training course will be held in Russian. Organizer: Russian Association of WindPower Industry (RAWI) together with Crimean Training Centre for Work at Height. Date: 28, March   – 06, April, 2018 Location: Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, 16, pereulok Elevatorny. Duration: 72 academic hours. Objectives: – provide the participants knowledge and skills in the field of maintenance of the wind turbine blade by theoretical and practical training; – teach participants to analyze the defects and select the technology of blade repair with the correct use of tools and material; – teach participants to apply various methods of inspection of the blade in practice and independently repair the revealed defects of the blade; – teach safe working methods and practice skills when doing work at height. The program includes 2 training modules with the issuance of Professional Continuing Education Certificate *: Module 1. Safe methods and skills of performing works at height **, Safety work at height Certificate. Module 2 . Blade inspection and repair, Professional Continuing Education Certificate.   The content of the training course is 50% of theoretical training, 50% of practical training, final testing and demonstration of practical skills. * Certificate is issued after successful passing of practical and theoretical examination. ** If you have a safety certificate for work at height (2nd group), you can only train on Module 2. After the exam you will be allowed to work at height. Teachers of the course: Teachers are internationally certified specialists with practical experience and extensive knowledge in the field of inspection and repair of wind turbine blades, work with composite materials and working at height. (Grzegorz Jadanowski, Vladimir Kuznetsov). Requirements for participants: age of 18 years, no medical contraindications to perform work at height, no fear of heights. Cost of participation Module 1 -2 : 56.000 rubles (VAT exempt). Only Module 2 . Blade inspection and repair 47 000.00 (Forty-seven thousand) rubles.

Registration form (in Russian)

For more information, please contact the coordinator: Kovalenko Nina, tel. +7 495 374 58 07, e-mail: kovalenko@rawi.ru Skype: alcarison WhatsApp: +7 978 841 22 39