Vestas, More than RAWI FORUM 2021’s General Partner



Vestas, (a member of the RAWI), supported the International Wind Energy Forum that is being held on December 1-2, 2021 in Moscow acting as its general partner.

RAWI and Vestas share a history of establishing the wind energy market in Russia. In jointly promoting the ideas of sustainable development and green energy, we see opportunities for business, technology and cooperation both in Russia and abroad.

Thanks to Vestas’ work, wind turbines are being produced in Russia, new wind farms are being built and new enterprises are being established. With the participation of Vestas, the state corporation RUSNANO has attracted the Spanish Windar to Russia to launch the production of WRS Bashni LLC in Taganrog, Rostov Oblast. The Vestas Manufacturing Rus plant in Ulyanovsk has been producing blades for wind turbines using Russian-made fibreglass since 2018. And this is apparently just the beginning.

Since 1981, more than 140 GW of wind power installed by Vestas on the planet have already reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 1.5 billion tonnes. In 2020, Vestas’ sustainability strategy – ‘Sustainability in Everything We Do’ – was approved. Its implementation should result in, among other things, achieving carbon neutrality of the company’s operations by 2030, and its wind turbines should become fully recyclable by 2040.

As a leader in the wind power industry for several decades, Vestas aims to become a global leader in sustainability solutions and supports partnership initiatives for the energy transition. In 2021, the company joined the Getting to Zero Coalition, an initiative to reduce CO2 emissions in shipping, and collaborates with Mercedes-EQ in the Formula E Championship, which ‘drives’ electrification in transport, bringing together athletes, engineers and environmentalists around the globe.

Supporting RAWI FORUM 2021 is another step towards the goal.

RAWI invites business representatives interested in entering the Russian wind energy market to RAWI FORUM 2021. And, of course, all those interested in learning about the business opportunities offered by the global energy transition and decarbonisation. Welcome to the International Wind Energy Forum!

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