Vestas Manufacturing Rus Buys Wind Turbine Blade Factory in Ulyanovsk from Partners



After three years of working together, the investment stage of a joint project between Vestas and RUSNANO to increase the local content in manufacturing of composite blades for wind turbines has been completed in Ulyanovsk.

RUSNANO Group and ULNANOTECH, a Ulyanovsk-based nanocentre that is part of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs investment network, sell their stakes (24.5% each, respectively) to majority stakeholder Vestas Manufacturing Rus (a member of the RAWI), making strategic partner Vestas a 100% stakeholder in a factory in Ulyanovsk  that produces composite blades for wind turbines using glass fibre and carbon fibre pultruded profiles.

Vestas’ state-of-the-art technology and more than RUB 2 billion of investment provided by RUSNANO together with a consortium of the Ulyanovsk Oblast’s investors have made it possible to set up production in Ulyanovsk, ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality Russian-made blades for wind farms of over 650 MW of capacity.

The blades manufactured in Ulyanovsk were installed on wind turbines operating in Kalmykia, Rostov and Astrakhan Oblasts. Forty-eight such blades were exported to Europe.

For Vestas, the investors’ withdrawal from the project does not mean the termination of cooperation with them. The deal to sell the shares in the joint venture to one of the participants, Vestas Manufacturing Rus, went fully in line with the previously reached agreements after reaching the initially agreed parameters. Vestas and RUSNANO plan to continue to cooperate closely under the RES CDA 1.0 and RES CDA 2.0 programmes as well as in other areas of mutual concern.