The Russian manufacturer of towers declares itself in the European market



 The company “Mosstroytransgaz” (RAWI member) participated actively in the conference “Wind Energy 2017 – Focus on offshore foundations & Tower components”, on 26-27.10.17, in the DAVI Auditorium in the company’s facilities in Cesena, Italy.

The conference was organized by the world’s leading manufacturers of wind energy production equipment and provided an unique opportunity to evaluate the newest innovative solutions introduced by the co-organizers: DAVI, LINCOLN ELECTRIC, PEMA and HGG:

  • DAVI (Italy) – production of plates and profile bending
  • Pema (Finland) – technologies in the field of welding equipment production
  • HGG (Netherland) – production of the equipment for shape-flame cutting and mitre cutting of large diameter pipes.

The main purpose of the conference was to inform all participants of the world wind energy market, about the existing new trends in the world wind power industry, as well as to present DAVI manufactured equipment for the production of various components of wind turbines.

The conference lasted 2 days and the programme was pretty busy and included a few parts: technical seminar with business discussion, informative and entertaining.

Within the framework of the business program, the following topics were discussed:

  • Presentations of the world leaders of machines manufacturers in the field of wind energy- DAVI; PEMA; HGG; Lincoln and their achievements.
  • Innovations in the process of assembly and manufacturing of different products

– Jackets

– Piles & TP

– Towers

  • DAVI presentation. The latest technical solutions for Wind Energy
  • HGG Profiling Equipment presentation. The latest technical solutions for Wind Energy
  • PEMA presentation. The latest technical solutions for Wind Energy
  • Lincoln presentation. The latest technical solutions for Wind Energy

At the end of the business program representatives of Dong Energy (Denmark) and Fujian Fuchuan Yifan (China) made presentations on development of the global wind energy market and the companies’ the latest solutions in this field

 The main event of the second day was the live cone rolling demonstration when the DAVI line rolled a conical can (2,5 mt wide x 26 mm thickness at 3,6 mt in diameter for a total 11,3 mt plate length on larger diameter, similar to many wind tower cones) in a few minutes with the maximum accuracy, thanks to the innovative DAVI plate feeding system. A new concept of plate rolling based on a totally redesigned DAVI full automatic HIGH PRODUCTIVITY  LINE

During both days attendees had the opportunity to discover DAVI headquarters, production workshops and logistic center, being introduced to the DAVI production philosophy, which includes a large number of plate rolls and angle rolls always available in stock for immediate delivery.

Any conference implies a pleasant part, which we called entertaining! At the end of the second day of the conference, all participants were invited to an excursion to the Ferrari Museum, where the latest achievements in the field of sports cars were demonstrated. All guests participated the Gala-Dinner at the Ferrari Museum Hall, where they had opportunity to communicate informally and summarize the Wind Energy seminar.

In total, 50 people from 14 countries of the world (Russia, Spain, Holland, Italy, Australia, Taiwan, Brazil, Morocco, USA, China, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania) took part in the conference.

The following companies – Holding company “Mosstroytransgaz” ,  Pumori North-West, TVSZ and RusHimMash, were represented the Russian delegation at the conference.