RAWI Chairman Names 3 Principal Risks to Russian Wind Energy Market



When one carries on a business in any industry, it is helpful to assess the situation and the market in all matters. It is especially important to assess the risks that can affect your business. The Chairman of the Russian Association of the Wind Industry Igor Bryzgunov yesterday in his Instagram page flagged three basis risks faced by the Russian wind energy market participants in early 2021.

According to him, the three risks could affect the business of wind energy, and it is useful to take them into account:

  1. Lack of up-to-date information on the public support for renewables beyond 2024;
  2. Lack of retail (wind) energy market;
  3. Inability to sell wind farm power in the retail market on a market-based scale.

The Chairman of the RAWI, through a social network, on behalf of the RAWI members, asked all actors and stakeholders involved in preparing new public support programme for renewables to provide information about its current status, since the companies need to plan their activities in 2021, and without understanding the market prospects, doing that is not quite possible.

Regardless, risk assessment is as useful as an assessment of the capacity, as it gives insight into what should be focused on to improve the business environment. Igor Bryzgunov also invited members of the association and market participants to discuss the risks that they see from their perspective, directly, leaving comments to the Instagram post.