CTE Wind Has a Hand in More Than 17500 Wind Turbines in 67 Countries



According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, in 2019, world’s wind developers have globally commissioned over 45GW of onshore wind turbines. CTE Wind designed, value-engineered, and peer-reviewed foundations of almost 1500 WTG-foundations around the globe, which represents around 5 GW of the installed onshore wind energy in 2019.

In Rotterdam, they have designed the foundation for GE’s (a member of the RAWI) giant 12 MW Haliade X. But they are also familiar with smaller 1 MW machines installed on wooden towers.

«Thanks to our experienced civil, structural and geotechnical senior engineers, the design of those wind turbine foundations worldwide are only a little challenge to us», said Alexander Martin, CEO of CTE Wind International, «regardless of whether it is for new turbine models from the top manufacturers or less common WTG-models from smaller or local manufacturers», he added.

The expertise that’s been built by the company since 2003 is the reason why CTE Wind’s engineering team with offices in Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Spain, USA and Vietnam are often the first choice for OEMs, wind park developers and EPC/BoP contractors.

«That is how we achieved to do over 17500 wind turbines in 67 countries and without any failures», continues MARTIN.

One of CTE Winds main goals is to deliver foundation designs that optimise the use of resources and help to save concrete and reinforcement steel. Such a solution is the patented SOFT-SPOT®, a gravity foundation with a soft layer under the anchor cage.

Each project receives an adapted design solution to the specific soil conditions. In Finland, CTE Wind designed a rock anchor solution when its engineers also designed a near-shore foundation in the Mekong river delta, Vietnam. «The trust of our customers leads us not only to design special and new solutions but also the foundations for the biggest wind parks in France, Spain and Poland. We are thrilled when we can play an important role in a wind farm project. This shows the confidence of our customers in our designs and is also an encouragement for us to continue to perform well», he ends.

CTE WIND (a member of the RAWI) is an international engineering and consulting firm headquartered in France, founded in 2003. The company specialises in the analysis and design of foundations for onshore wind turbines, a team of 30 engineers working around the world.