Proper Winds Began To Blow In The Northern Capital



On August 2, in St. Petersburg, with the support of the RAWI, the event “Wind energy market in Russia and promising projects of the Northwestern Federal District” was held. More than 50 participants gathered at the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce for the successful development of cooperation and establishing business contacts.

The first part of the event was a round table discussion, which started with the greeting by the RAWI Chairman. Igor Bryzgunov spoke about the current state of the wind industry market in the Russian Federation, its features and prospects. His report aroused great interest among the participants due to the relevance and practical approach. M-r Bryzgunov noted that stiff competition during the competitive selection for the construction of wind power plants (WPP) in recent years has led to a record reduction in the marginal CAPEX (capital expenditure) in Russian projects from 130 to 64 million roubles per 1 MW of installed capacity.

Vyacheslav Zemsky, Project Engineer at Vetropark, LLC, spoke about wind energy projects in the company’s development, as well as about the investment attractiveness of one of the projects in the Leningrad Oblast. In the Volkhovsky district on the shore of Lake Ladoga, it is planned to build a wind project Sviritsa with a total installed capacity of 68.4 MW by 2022. By combining the experience of Russian and internationally recognized companies, investors are planning to improve the level and quality of design and reduce the time for the construction of wind power plants. The payback period is going to be 7 years and 4 months; the CAPEX is about 7 billion roubles.

Topical issues of wind energy projects implementation and the cornerstones of wind energy localization in Russia were covered in the report of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, LLC, a Russian representative of one of the world’s flagships in the renewable energy. By the end of this month, it is planned at the plant in the Leningrad Oblast to launch production of wind turbines with a capacity of 3.4 MW each for the construction of three wind farms to be carried out by the Italian company Enel in Russia: in the Rostov Oblast (90 MW), in the Murmansk Oblast (201 MW), and in the Stavropol Krai (71.25 MW).

The presentation of the Director for Insurance of Renewable Energy Sources at Allianz Eurasia Insurance Company, JSC was lively and interesting. Pavel Smirnov-Nebosklonov spoke about possible risks and insurance solutions at the stages of WPP project implementation. The company, possessing impressive experience, offers solutions in any difficult situations: from risks in project development, transportation of components, construction of wind power plants to natural risks (fires, high waters, icing, zero wind conditions).

Maxim Koshelenko, Project Manager of Engineering Company LKM-Project, LLC, basing on experience shared the Russian design specifics and difficulties that may arise during the construction of a wind power plant in Russia.

Till Überrück-Fries, Head of the Department of Traditional and Renewable Energy at the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, summed up the results and invited the participants to join the business mission to Hamburg (Germany) as a member of the Russian delegation. A business trip dedicated to logistics and wind power industry is being held as from September 10 to 13, 2019.

Egor Bondar, Senior project manager at Peikko, LLC, told about the history of creation and activity of Peikko, a family-owned company, a world leader in production and development of embedded items for reinforced concrete structures and composite bars. Last year, Peikko’s turnover was 225 million euros. Peikko has been successfully presenting its products on the Russian market since 2006, having its own production in St. Petersburg. Peikko’s package solutions, including the design and supply of foundation components, provide significant savings for the project and speed up the installation of wind turbines.

Upon ending of the first part of the event, the participants were offered a retreat at the plant and acquaintance with the production as an example of effective international cooperation in the implementation of innovative technologies in wind power industry in Russia.

Matvey Pirozhenko, CEO of Peikko, LLC, personally presented the production facilities equipped with the latest technologies. The plant produces a wide range of products, such as connecting concrete elements, floor structures and components for the foundations of wind turbines. This is an automated and highly optimized process, almost non-waste production.

We thank the whole Peikko team for organizing the tech tour and for the most visitable acquaintance with the manufacturing process of components for wind turbine foundations. We received a lot of positive feedback and compliments for the organization of the event turned out to be interesting to all.