Foundation is an art.



CTE Wind is an international design office which is specialised in the design of foundation of wind turbines (onshore). This company is active in the wind energy sector since 2003 as part of CTE Group and has designed the foundations for 8200 turbines in more than 900 wind farms in 47 countries. CTE Wind has offices in 7 countries and has a multicultural team from 10 different nationalities.

CTE Wind is covered by a special insurance for the foundation design of all wind projects worldwide. To date, its insurance has not had to deal with any litigation. This shows the accuracy and the quality of its work to design efficient and sustainable foundations. Designs made by CTE Wind were validated by major certification entities.

At the nearest market, they are active in Ukraine and in Kazakhstan as well. They are able to work on base of European and international regulations (required by turbine suppliers) and local norms (e.g. SNiP codes) in cooperation with local engineers.

According to experience of CTE Wind, the “typical” designs delivered by suppliers are not easy to adapt due to different materials and local codes. This type of structure needs very specific fatigue calculations and accordance with particular supplier’s requirements. Finally, many projects in the market despite of huge and overcautious dimensions have faults which reduce their durability in long-term usage and safety factor. Only the combination of international experience in wind projects and support of local engineers could give the most safe and reasonable solutions.

CTE Wind is specialising in the following services:

  • Geotechnics
    • Consultancy and Engineering
    • Project and subcontractor’s management
  • WTG Foundation
    • Design Verification (category III check)
    • Conceptual & Preliminary design
    • Detailed design valid for construction
  • Construction supervision
  • BoP Civil engineering project management
  • Pathology and root cause analysis