Awarding of the first badges of a member of the Russian Association of the Wind Power Industry.



January 25.2018. The first chest badges of the member of the Russian Association of the Wind Industry were awarded to the top managers of the company PJSC Fortum: Executive Vice President of Fortum Corporation, Head of the Russia Division, Alexander Chuvaev, Vice President of Production and Trading Portfolio Management Yury Eroshin and Vice-President for Investment Program Andrei Nesteruk. The decision on the primary awarding of badges of a member of the RAWI to top managers of the company was not accidental. The company was built the first wind farm on the Russian wind energy market, taking the risks of a pioneer, working with a completely new technology for the market in a standard vacuum, with no experienced designers and transport companies. The work of this company and for its funds, its partners have learned to create a new type of generation object for the country. Without exaggeration, PJSC Fortum acted as the locomotive of the new Russian wind power industry.

The first badges were also presented to Dmitry Ryabov, Director General of the UK DARS Company, and Andrey Redkin, the General Director of ULNANOTECH. The companies undertook the creation of a localization cluster in the Ulyanovsk region, doing everything possible to make the leading element of the wind generator the leader of the global market – Vestas created in the region the construction of the first wind farm, the largest Russian Aviastar aviation company, which creates the most favorable conditions for the creation a new industrial branch in Russia.