Windpower Monthly: Russian tender attracts €804/kW to €1,767/kW bids

RUSSIA: Developers have claimed they can build projects at capital expenditure (Capex) costs ranging between RUR 59,339/kW (€804.07/kW) and RUR 130,404/kW (€1,767.04/kW) in the latest Russian tender.

The Russian Association of the Wind Industry (RAWI) stated that bids between RUR 59,339/kW and RUR 80,305/kW were entered for 823.3MW – nearly the full 830MW allocation available in the tender.

Developers’ names, project locations and precise capacities have not yet been made public, but RAWI added the full results would be announced “in the next few days”.

Under Russian rules, support is paid through 15-year contracts with state-backed regulator, the Market Council, whereby developers receive 12% annual profit on their capital investment, RAWI explained. more Windpower Monthly

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