Report 2021

Dear Colleagues!

Our annual Review has become an important source of reliable information for the Russian wind energy market. The past four outputs from 2017 to 2020 have been downloaded more than 10,000 times from the RAWI website. They have been cited by many journalists, analysts and academics for reports, commentaries, analyses and research articles.

But the world is changing, and we are changing with it. We want to become more digital, user-friendly, as accessible and understandable to our audience as possible. This report is the most important part of the Market Review: its
infographics, which reflects the current state of the industry and its key trends,
and helps visualise the most up-to-date picture of what’s happening in the market.

We believe that information should be accessible, so this report is an open source of information for all its participants, regulators, government agencies and investors. You are welcome to use it for your presentations, but please make reference to us.

The report is based on new data from 2021 and already published information that has been collected with the support of RAWI member companies that are setting the direction of the Russian wind energy market.

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