Results of the selection of RES projects have been published. Another 1651 MW of wind parks will be built in Russia.

Today, the Administrator of the Trading System NP Market Council published the results of the tender of renewable energy projects.

A total of 1651,060 MW was selected for construction in 2018-2022. wind parks of the following companies:

  1. Fortum Energy Forum LLC – 26 points of energy supply with a total volume of 1000 MW: 50 MW in 2018; 200 MW in 2019; 250 MW in 2020; 250 MW in 2021, 250 MW in 2022
  2. JSC VetroOGK – 15 points of energy supply totaling 360 MW: 40 MW in 2020; 40 MW in 2021; 280 MW in 2022;PJSC
  3. Enel Russia – 2 points of energy supply with a total volume of 291.06 MW: 90.9 MW in 2020, 200.970 MW in 2021.

After the publication of the tender protocol, no later than September 30, with each company a supply contract (DPM or LTCA -Long Term Capacity Agreement) will be signed for each delivery point, according to which Companies will have to put into operation wind farms of the appropriate capacity and in the corresponding year. The regulation allows deferment of commissioning, but not more than for one year.

So, taking into account the results of this tender and the results of the tenders of 2015-16, in 2017-22 years in Russia wind farms should be commissioned with the following capacity: 2017 – 35 MW; 2018 – 200 MW; 2019 – 400 MW; In 2020 – 620.090 MW in 2021 – 490.970 MW; In 2022 – 530 MW.

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