Russian Wind Reaches 641 MW Over 3 Years

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Over the last three years, the total installed capacity of all wind energy facilities in Russia has reached 641 MW, of which 532 MW falls on the CDA programme.

The construction of the country’s first wind park was started by the Fortum in the summer of 2017, and the wind farm was commissioned in late 2017. [ … ]

Gukovskaya WPP Goes Commercial in the Rostov Oblast

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On 1 June 2020, the Gukovskaya WPP started supplying electricity and power to the wholesale market for electricity and power (WMEP) with an installed capacity of 100 MW. The wind power plant became the third completed facility of the Wind Energy Development Fund (a joint investment fund created on a parity basis by PJSC Fortum and JSC RUSNANO) in the Rostov Oblast. [ … ]

Russia To Improve Support Mechanisms For Renewable Energy Projects In Retail Markets

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The Russian Ministry of Energy has developed and submitted to the Russian Government a package of regulatory changes aimed at improving mechanisms for renewable energy projects support in retail markets.

The government agency offers a comprehensive approach to the selection and implementation of RES-based generation projects in retail markets, including:

  • transition to technologically neutral selection, in which projects for construction of renewables would compete regardless of the technology used for generation by the criterion of the minimum price of electricity produced from RES, which will reduce the price burden on consumers in a region;
  • formation of price for electricity of RES generation objects based on the price in the application submitted by the investor for competitive selection, but not higher than the approved limit level, rather than at regulated tariffs.
[ … ]

Tetra Development Joins the RAWI

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The construction company Tetra Stroy has existed since 2008 and, together with Tetra Development, combines several main areas of professional activity:

  • Development of the service concept with subsequent planning and design of the architectural design and construction design documentation stages
  • turnkey equipment manufacturing and installation
  • state expert examination support and assistance in equipment registration with Rostechnadzor (Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service)
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • operation
  • training of customer’s personnel (by the assignment) 

The company performs the whole range of works from design to execution and delivery of the object to the customer. [ … ]

Trends in RES development in Russia

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The world is gradually abandoning the burning of fossil hydrocarbons and is switching to alternative energy sources. In different countries, the process goes differently. Somewhere, for instance in Germany, the share of renewable energy reached 46% in the amount of energy consumption, while somewhere else heating is only provided by coal combustion. [ … ]

RAWI On RenTV Channel

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Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry, took part in the filming of the Dvigatel Progressa (Russian for Engine of Progress) science TV show broadcasted by the RenTV channel and hosted by Timofey Bazhenov. [ … ]