RAWI Board

  • Bryzgunov Igor

    RAWI Chairman

    Founder of Association. In the wind power business since 1999. He has extensive experience in various areas of the wind energy business - from the organization of design and manufacturing of wind turbines to the wind farm development, expertise in the field of localization of production of wind turbine components multi-megawatt class.

  • Redkin Andrey

    General Director of "Ulyanovsk Center for Transfer of Technologies" LLC, member of RAWI was elected a new member of the Board of the Association

    Highly qualified specialist in the field of commercial activities, implementation of start-up projects, has the experience of creating innovative companies, has a high degree of responsibility, knowledge in the field of economics and finance, marketing and sales. Experience in building a partnership network, launching new products on the market. Understanding the market for innovative projects, start-ups and venture financial institutions. Has a significant experience in project management. Fluent in English, Spanish, German - at a basic level. He is a member of the Board of the Association of Clusters and Technoparks and a member of the Board of Directors of OA "POEZ Ulyanovsk". The company is working to create the production of components for wind turbines in the region and also the development of wind parks.

  • Vlasov Andrey Nikolaevich

    Director for development of the company - a member of the Association of OOO Quartz-New Technologies.

    He has held responsible managerial positions in energy companies since 2008, has experience in managing the design and construction of traditional generation facilities and renewable energy facilities. Currently he manages the development of Quartz-New Technologies, a dynamically developing company established in 2005, aimed at developing and diversifying the market for the construction, modernization and reconstruction of electric power and industry facilities with the use of advanced technologies.

  • Kimal Yusupov

    CEO of Vestas Russia and Vestas Manufacturing Russia.

    As head of Vestas' divisions in Russia, Kimal Yusupov is developing local representative offices of Vestas and directs its launch to the fourth largest energy market in the world.
    Kimal Yusupov is a qualified power engineer. He worked for the joint Uzbek-German company of ABB, as well as in MAN Diesel & Turbo Russia Ltd. Later, Kimal worked for Siemens, where he was involved in various power plant projects in Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Greece, and also directed the direction of renewable energy for Russia and the countries of Central Asia. In addition, he headed the division of medium voltage systems and led the activities to localize the company Siemens in Russia.

  • Viktor Yelistratov

    Professor, Honored Power Engineer of the Russian Federation

    Director of the SEC "Renewable energy sources and install them on the basis of" Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Chairman of the Scientific Council on the problems of renewable energy center of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, Vice-Chairman of the STC RAWI. He is one of the most respected experts in the renewable energy sector with a worldwide reputation.

  • Roman Veremey

    CEO of LLC "FWT Service"

    LLC "FWT Service" (Russian division of Fuhrlaender Windtechnology, development of the company in Russia, management of technical and service maintenance of windpark in Kerch, Crimea), Krasnodar, Russia. Fuhrlaender Windtechnology is the first enterprise in the territory of the post-Soviet space of LLC Furlender Vindehnologi, which produces modern multi-megawatt wind generators, and also installs them, launches and further technical and service maintenance.

  • Kashchenko Vladimir

    Head RES direction CJSC "ROTEK"

    Vladimir Anatolievich has extensive experience in developing large projects in power engineering. Under the leadership of Vladimir Anatolievich was laid the foundation of wind power business шт State Nuclear Company Rosatom. Awards: Badge "Academician Kurchatov» IV degree, Badge "EP Slavskii "(the highest award of the Russian nuclear industry).

  • Zatynayko Vladimir

    Director General of JSC "Exhibition pavilion" Electrification"

    Collaborates with RAWI since 2011. He contributes to the development of Wind Power Industry of the Russian Federation through the development of professional exhibitions, one of which is an annual international forum on energy efficiency and conservation ENES. He has extensive business ties in the energy sector.

  • Paul Logchies

    Director General of OOO WINDLIFE KOLA VETRO LL1

    He graduated in 1984 Pacific Western University, where he received a doctorate in international business management. Works since 2001 in the wind industry in various European countries, in the Russian wind power - since 2007.

  • Pavel Smirnov-Nebosklonov

    Head of Green Energy Insurance, Allianz Russia

    Pavel is responsible for insurance products development and renewable energy risks underwriting both at construction and operation stages, as well as for coordination between the offices within Allianz Group in this segment. He has been working in corporate insurance since 2008, focusing on large energy projects. He also completed a series of internships in London and Munich.

  • Ilya Gordeyev

    Chairman of the Board "Wind Energy Systems" LLC

    Actively working in the domestic wind power market since 2008. To the wind power has come from big business. Provides Development Network wind farm projects with a total installed capacity of over 1 GW in various regions of Russia. He has made a great contribution to the establishment of a project management system construction of WPP.

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