February 1920, 2020. Moscow

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International Wind Energy Forum RAWI Forum – the main forum of the Russian wind industry

The evident changes in the energy industry can no longer be ignored. A new industry has been created in Russia, new wind farms are being built every year, production of wind turbines has started, and localisation is deepening. The wind power industry opens up a lot of new business opportunities and changes the landscape of the regions.

RAWI brings together professional participants from all sectors of the new industry within and outside Russia to communicate and exchange experiences, provides opportunities to ask questions directly to industry leaders and make themselves known.

RAWI Forum 2020 features:

  • Discussion of key wind energy market trends.
  • Establishing connections and closer cooperation.
  • Best global and Russian project practices.
  • New niche markets in the wind power industry.
  • Ways to attract capital for projects.
  • Discussion of wind power industry development in non-metropolitan areas.
  • Suppliers forum.
  • Annual meeting of the RAWI members.

Event Programme

Global experts, key industry customers, regional managers, state market regulators and leading market professionals will present all perspectives of the wind power industry to RAWI Forum 2020 participants.

Contact name
Nina Kovalenko
Project Manager
E-mail kovalenko@rawi.ru | Phone +7 495 134 68 88 | Mobile +7 978 841 22 39 (WhatsApp)

We invite companies from the wind industry and related areas, as well as all interested parties to participate in the partnership programme of the main event in Russian wind power industry, RAWI Forum 2020.

We are creating the industry together, and you can become a partner of the RAWI Forum!

Media Partners

We invite mass media, news and industry internet resources to become media partners of the RAWI FORUM 2020.

The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry is gathering professionals and representatives of all sectors of the wind power industry within and outside Russia for communication and exchange of experience in Moscow on February 19-20, 2020.