VetroOGK Secures Building Permit for Bondarevskaya Wind Farm

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The VetroOGK received a permit for the construction of the 120 MW Bondarevskaya wind farm in the Ipatovsky urban district, Stavropol Krai.

Obtaining the permit was preceded by an outline approval of the expert examination of design documentations issued by the Autonomous Unit of the Stavropol Krai “State construction expert assessment department” for the construction of WPP consisting of 24 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.5 [ … ]

Europe & Russian North’s Green Future

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In Russia, most areas of decentralised power supply, where electricity is generated from small, autonomous sources, usually diesel-generator units are located in the subarctic. The North is an extremely fragile ecosystem, so the most urgent technologies are those with no or minimal negative impact on the environment. [ … ]

Russian Wind Reaches 641 MW Over 3 Years

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Over the last three years, the total installed capacity of all wind energy facilities in Russia has reached 641 MW, of which 532 MW falls on the CDA programme.

The construction of the country’s first wind park was started by the Fortum in the summer of 2017, and the wind farm was commissioned in late 2017. [ … ]

Energy Delta Institute and Russian Association of Wind Power Industry to Hold Joint Webinar

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Title: How to make the Oil & Gas sector more sustainable by means of system integration with Renewable Energy sector. 

Best practices and lessons learned from the Netherlands


Date: Thursday 2 July 1pm – 2pm, CET

English translation / interpretation into Russian

About the webinar:

The Russian Oil & Gas sector is starting to look at investments for Renewable Energy for several reasons. [ … ]

Gukovskaya WPP Goes Commercial in the Rostov Oblast

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On 1 June 2020, the Gukovskaya WPP started supplying electricity and power to the wholesale market for electricity and power (WMEP) with an installed capacity of 100 MW. The wind power plant became the third completed facility of the Wind Energy Development Fund (a joint investment fund created on a parity basis by PJSC Fortum and JSC RUSNANO) in the Rostov Oblast. [ … ]

“Wind Farms Connection to Power Grids” webinar

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Having your questions and wishes in mind, representatives of the STC UPS, JSC (Moscow branch) will provide detailed information on special aspects of the technological connection of wind power plants to power grids ranging from legislative regulation to technical issues and subsequent operation of a wind farm within the power grid after commissioning. [ … ]

Pola Maria Cargo on Its First Flight to Denmark with Russian-made Wind Turbine Blades

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Pola Maria, the general cargo ship, Russian designation Project RSD59 operated by the Pola Rise (member of the Pola Group, a member of the RAWI), which was built at the Krasnoye Sormovo plant, went on the first flight to Denmark loaded with blades for wind turbines (WT), – Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of the Russian Association Wind Power Industry, told PortNews Information & Analytical Agency. [ … ]

Wind Auction

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The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry provides a new service.

The Association will inform RAWI members about current tenders related to the interests of the Association.

An employee of the association will monitor online bidding and promptly inform the members about upcoming tenders for the design, construction, supply of equipment and materials for the construction of wind farms. [ … ]