Regional representatives

Regional representatives of the Russian Association of Windpower Industry are acting as branches of the Association in Russian federal regions and Constituent entities according to the mandate given by the RAWI Provision.

In their actions Representatives are guided by the Russian Law and forementioned Provision.

Regional representatives:

  • Gutte Bayzet Mossovich

    Representative in the Republic of Adygea:



    Lives in: Maykop, Republic of Adygea

    Citizenship: Russia

    Bizet Moscovici held positions in government institutions and companies in the energy sector, construction and infrastructure investment in the region.

    Until 2018, he held the position of head of the Department of energy saving and energy efficiency in the Ministry of construction, transport, housing and utilities and roads of the Republic of Adygea, where he was responsible for the implementation of the state policy of energy saving and energy efficiency and renewable energy. One of his many achievements is the initiation and organization of the Republic of Adygea investment project for the construction of a wind farm with an installed capacity of 150 MW., a 1.5-fold reduction in the energy density of the gross regional product from 2010 to 2017.

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