23-25.10.2018 – WindPro 3.2 education

The world’s leading software for wind Energy Project design and planning The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry offers course WindPRO 3.2 with the issuing of EMD International A / S certificate. WindPRO is a module-based software package suited for project design and planning of both single WTGs and large wind farms. windPRO is based on more than 25 years of experiences in development of user-friendly software tools for wind energy project development. Imagine you are offered a piece of land for a wind energy project. To exploit this opportunity, a number of issues have to be calculated and documented in order to realize the project: How much energy will the turbines produce at the specific site; how is the site used optimally in respect of energy yields versus wind resources and environmental restrictions and what will the consequences be when connecting the project to the existing grid, both capacity wise and cost wise. In order to get a permit to construct the wind farm, the local authorities will normally ask you to submit an environmental impact assessment report, in which the impacts of noise, flickering and zones of visual influence have to be documented as well as visualisations for the project as photomontages or virtual reality presentations. To get financing for your project, you will have to prepare a feasibility study, which includes detailed specifications of the investments, financing, operating income, cash flows and balance sheets. This information is closely linked to the technical design of your project. All the above calculations and documentations are easily made in windPRO – is the most comprehensive and user-friendly software package available.


  General information Where: Moscow Venue: Moscow, st. Stanislavsky, 29, Building 1, (Taganskaya). When: October 23 – 25, 2018. Instructor: David Fryc, wind energy specialist EMD Deutschland GbR Language: English. Value: Total cost: 235 000 rubles. For RAWI Members – with a 10% discount (211 500 rubles). VAT is not charged. 100% advance payment.

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  Project Coordinator: Nina Kovalenko kovalenko@rawi.ru tel: +7 (495) 374-58-07 mob.+7 978 841 22 39 (WhatsApp, Viber) Skype: alcarison