15.03.2019 Meeting “Small Wind Power”

Meeting “Small Wind Power: Production of Wind Power turbines and Low Power Complexes for Autonomous Power Supply”

Date: 15 March, 2019 Venue: Moscow, Krasnokazarmennaya street, house 14, Hydropower and Renewable Energy Institute NIU “MPEI”. Beginning at: 10:00 The main goal is to provide companies-customers and potential consumers with reliable information about the possibilities of using renewable energy sources (RES) in autonomous generation, as an alternative and supplement to the energy supply from organic energy sources. The main topic of the meeting is the consideration of scientific, technical, structural and technological issues of using low-power wind turbines (up to 100 kW) and hybrid complexes based on RES for energy supply of the population and industries located in remote locations isolated from the unified energy system. Main topics:
  • Russian competences in the field of small wind energy and distributed generation;
  • Scope of low-power wind generators and renewable energy hybrid complexes. Who benefits?;
  • opportunities, advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy micro-registration;
  • Microgeneration Bill. What will change?;
  • domestic developments in the field of small energy;
  • positive and negative experience of projects implementation.

Program (in Russian)

  • wind turbines and components manufacturers;
  • experts with experience in the implementation and operation of wind turbines and low-power energy complexes;
  • representatives of research and design organizations conducting research, technological and structural development in this area.
  • Potential producers of products for RES;
  • Potential consumers: representatives of enterprises of the military-industrial complex, the agro-industrial complex, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Rostransport, Rosaviatsia, Rostourism, etc.

Free registration

  Additional info: Nina Kovalenko, phone +7 (495) 374-58-07, mobile +7 978 841 22 39 (Viber, WhatsApp), e-mail: kovalenko@rawi.ru, Skype: alcarison