04.07 “Peculiarities Of The Wind Turbine Foundations Design, Arrangement Reliabilization & Reduction In Expenditure” Webinar

On July 4, 2019, a webinar is being held online, where the host will tell you how to increase the cost-effectiveness and comply with the requirements for the reliability of wind turbines (WT) foundations.

The following topics are going to be covered during the webinar:

  • The share of the wind turbine foundation project in the project of a wind power station
  • The wind turbine foundation designing aspects (taking into account geotechnical conditions, existing regulations, the possibility of various design procedures)
  • Requirements for specialists responsible for the construction of foundations
  • Opportunities to reduce the foundation costs
  • Russian Federation legislation specifics
  • Experience in the wind turbine foundations construction

Who can avail of the webinar?

  • WPP developers
  • geotechnical investigation specialists
  • heads of construction and consulting companies
  • work superintendents and responsible contractors
  • construction oversight and construction design supervision specialists
  • wind turbine components manufacturers

Who is hosting the webinar?

Igor Bokov, General Director, GVE LLC (Russian: ООО «ГВЭ»)

Research engineer of the Laboratory of Soil at the Engineering Research Institute of bases and underground structures (NIIOSP)


Date held: July 4, 2019

Duration: from 11-00 a.m. until 12-00 p.m. (Moscow time)

Post-webinar, RAWI’s YouTube channel will contain the footage of the webinar.

Care to know the special aspects of the wind turbines construction?

We look forward to see you at the webinar!

Should you have any questions, please contact the coordinator:
Nina Kovalenko
e-mail: kovalenko@rawi.ru
phone +7 (495) 134 68 88
mobile +7 (978) 841 22 39 (Viber, WhatsApp)


Please note, that the RAWI encourages all its members to use the opportunity of hosted webinars to expand the knowledge of market participants about their services and expand their client base.