20.09.2019 — Report on the trip to the Adygeyskaya Wind Power Plant site

The RAWI delegation consisting of 14 persons headed by the Chairman Igor Bryzgunov visited the construction site of the Adygeyskaya Wind Power Station in the Republic of Adygeya on 20.09.2019.

Several wind turbine installation and assembly teams are carrying out simultaneous works at different WPP sites. For this purpose, the teams of MONSSON ENERGOSTROY, LLC (member of the RAWI) together with Avtokran-Tyumen, LLC and Sarens Russia, LLC (member of the RAWI) are involved. Installation of 35 out of 60 wind turbines was completed. The works are planned to be completed in December this year.

Initial safety orientation.
Occupational health and safety compliance at the construction site is mandatory for everyone. Heels, shorts and flip-flops had to be left at home.

Storage area
where the blades, nacelles, hubs, generators, metal tower sections and other wind turbine equipment and components are stored.

The blades are almost 50 meters long and weighing 12 tons.

The metal tower consists of 8 sections. Seven sections are assembled from separate fragments by bolting, and the eighth section has a one-piece design on which the nacelle is attached with a flange.

Installation of the generator weighing 54 tons is carried out by the main construction crane assisted by an auxiliary truck crane.

The blades are connected to the hub “on the ground” using additional cranes. Then the whole structure is lifted by the 500+ ton crane and installed on the tower.

We would like to express our special gratitude to the team of NovaWind, JSC and its Deputy Director General for Life Cycle of Wind Farms Andrey Nesteruk for the fascinating tour, professionalism and warm welcome.

This opportunity to get acquainted with the technological peculiarities of WPP construction is an invaluable experience for us!