A series of events “Implementation of the investment project of WPP”

Building a wind farm (WPP) is a complex process. It includes steps ranging from site selection and wind potential analysis to the construction and commissioning of the station itself. To cover all aspects of the implementation of a wind power project in the Russian Federation, knowledge and systematization of a multitude of laws, skills and teams capable of making technical and financial decisions are required. Thanks to the support of its members, RAVI has conceived to hold a series of practical seminars under the general title “Implementation of the investment project of the WEC”. Our goal is to reveal the essence and problem points of the phased creation of a wind farm. “Implementation of the investment project of the WEC” are separate thematic seminars to demonstrate the entire chain of project development from planning to the life cycle of a wind farm. You cannot afford to miss our events if: You are an expert in the wind energy market – offer a report to a professional audience and increase your influence on decision makers. Present your company as a leader in the industry and strengthen your image. You are a beginner or would like to start (continue) a business in wind energy – take part in a seminar to make the right choice of a partner, as well as to avoid unnecessary risks and technical mistakes. Why should come: • Immersion in the expert environment. • Implemented experience in the Russian market. • Collective discussion of established practices. • Effective solutions to problematic issues. Possible actions:Join the program of seminars “Implementation of the investment project of the WPP” as a speaker • Take part in the event • Leave a proposal in the form of questions on the topic of interest for coverage at seminars Questions and suggestions from the coordinator of the event: Kovalenko Nina Phone: +7 (495) 374-58-07, Mobile: +7 978 841 22 39 (Viber, WhatsApp), E-mail: kovalenko@rawi.ru