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RAWIFORUM’2022, the annual International Wind Energy Forum, is ingbe held in Moscow on December 7-8, 2022. The topics to be discussed will be quite different from those that the Russian wind industry market was actively discussing the year before. Registration is already available.

We start with import substitution: the first and indispensable condition for the technological self-sufficiency of the domestic wind power industry is the within-the-country production of multi-megawatt-class wind turbines.

Projects of Russian companies for the production of wind power equipment, wind power components and materials for them in Russia will be one of the key topics of the RAWIFORUM’2022. The current geopolitical situation motivates market players to develop joint resolutions for modernising existing power engineering enterprises and launching new ones.

It is important to note that the industry’s technology-independence is not limited to the production of wind turbines. The Russian wind energy industry needs its own technological solutions in the field of information technology, engineering design and certification of professionals. That is why participation in the forum of companies working in these areas is more relevant in 2022 than ever before.

The motivation for renewable energy development is another cornerstone issue of the RAWIFORUM’2022. Today’s Russia has the opportunity to develop its own independent concept of conventional and renewable energy technologies, not opposing the two, but combining them intelligently.

The RAWIFORUM’2022 will provide a platform to discuss the benefits of energy diversification in the resource-rich country, the use of diverse generation assets, the development of renewable energy technologies and their smart application in the different climatic and infrastructural conditions of the Russian territories.

Wind power is developing rapidly. Improvements in technology make it possible to significantly reduce the cost of power generation from wind turbines, offer solutions for energy storage in local application projects, and provide energy to remote and out-of-the-way facilities situated on the mainland and offshore. Today, wind farms are able to supply electricity at competitive prices to the retail market, fixing the price for a period of more than 15 years, which is not the case with the conventional generation.

“What will be the new rules for wind energy development in Russia, who will be the new market players, is the existing legislative support model effective and does it need to be adjusted?” – These and other questions will be discussed by the RAWI-FORUM’2022 participants during thematic sessions and informal discussions, for which the RAWI team, as always, will try to create the most comfortable conditions.

The forum scenario is currently being drawn up, and every participant can send the organisers their suggestions on that subject. The scenario already includes participation in the localisation of the production of wind turbines and their components, how to purchase wind farm energy and partnerships in the construction of new wind farms.

On questions about the event programme and participation as a speaker in the forum, feel free to contact the project manager:

Nina Kovalenko

Phone: +7 978 841 22 39


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