Wind Power Likely to Reduce Electricity Rates in Khabarovsk Krai

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Altren (a RAWI member) has proposed options to reduce the price of electricity in the Khabarovsk Krai to 3 roubles per kW by using wind power.

Dmitry Stepanov, Deputy General Director of Altren and Head of the Wind Power Technologies Department at the Ulyanovsk State Technical University, offered a detailed plan for this electricity cost reduction in the region when he spoke at the round table “Development of Distributed Generation in Remote and Isolated Areas of the Far East and the Arctic” as part of the Far East Region Energy 2022 event in Khabarovsk.

Dmitry Stepanov noted that there are areas in the Khabarovsk Krai featuring ‘very good’ wind potential, especially on the seashore, where the average wind speed gets as high as 7 m/s. In these areas, it is possible to install wind turbines of three power ratings: up to 150 kW, up to 500 kW and up to 1 MW. In the first two cases, wind turbines can be installed without the use of large-scale machinery – the “climbing crane technique.” In this case wind power plant with capacity of 1 MW for 20 years would produce electricity at the cost of 6 to 9 rubles, and the plant with capacity of 50 MW – from 3 to 6 rubles per kW.

According to the rapporteur, if a 500 kW wind turbine is installed, 832 tonnes of diesel 52 million roubles worth can be saved annually. In total, such a wind turbine will save up to 1.4 billion roubles for the period of 15 years after the completion of the energy service agreement (taking into account the projected increase in the cost of fuel).

Participants also discussed the prospects for developing distributed generation in remote and isolated regions of the Russia’s Far East and the Arctic, the effectiveness of modern energy technologies, the experience of implementing local energy investment projects, and government support for private investors to attract businesses to the energy sector in remote areas.

As a reminder, the development of distributed generation in remote and isolated areas through the introduction of modern energy technologies, including renewables, is one of Russia’s strategic objectives in the electricity sector.

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