Production of Extra-Large Billets for Wind Turbine Parts Manufacture Starts in China

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The new continuous-casting machine is said to increase productivity and reduce the cost of parts for wind turbines.

Italy-based steelmaking equipment manufacturer Danieli announced the commissioning in China of its first continuous casting machine designed to produce extra-large-sized round billets.

The casting unit installed at YongGang’s plant in China’s Jiangsu province has a radius of 18 metres and is a 4-strand continuous casting machine designed to produce continuously cast billets of 700 to 1200 mm in section and individual configurations. The resulting billet are designed for further processing by forging. The machine guarantees high billet quality and uniform metal properties across the entire thickness.

Such low-alloyed steel products are in increasing demand in the wind power industry. It is used to make wind turbine towers, shaft bearings and other parts for wind turbines. In the past, the billets were cast into ingots characterized by much higher maintenance costs. Using the new CCM is more convenient and cheaper.

Over the past two years, Danieli has been awarded three contracts for large-capacity CCMs in China, which will be commissioned between late 2022 and early 2023.

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