Austrian Business Likely to Build 1st Offshore Wind Farm in Caspian Sea

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Austrian companies in Azerbaijan have the potential for cooperation in renewable energy and, in particular, for the development of offshore wind power.

The topic was discussed at a meeting held as part of the 10th meeting of the Joint Commission on Cooperation between Azerbaijan and Austria in the fields of economy, agriculture, industry, machinery and technology, ‘Report’ news agency reported with reference to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Energy.

The Austrian businesses participating in the meeting provided the Azerbaijani side with information about their capabilities and areas of activity and expressed interest in a detailed study of cooperation opportunities in renewable energy, including solar, wind, and hydro generation. Among the proposed locations for the development of renewable energy were the territories of Karabakh and the Caspian Sea. A presentation given during the meeting outlined the steps that need to be taken to realise the objectives, as well as the institutional environment and plans for renewable energy development, including offshore wind power projects in the Caspian Sea.

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