Webinar on Innovation: Wind Turbine Blades Fully Recyclable Now

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On 15 March 2022 at 12:00 p.m. Moscow (10:00 a.m. CEST), RAWI in association with Arkema (a RAWI member) is hosting a webinar on innovation in wind energy – the production of recyclable composites.

The France-based Arkema will present its innovative product Elium® thermoplastic resin. The wind turbine blades made from it can be fully recycled, setting up a closed-loop production process.

At present, the blades of the 20,000 wind turbines — that’s around 550,000 tons of composite materials — installed on average each year worldwide are made from epoxy resin/ carbon or glass fiber-based thermoset composites. Their mechanical performance and cost make them materials of choice. The only disadvantage is a sizeable one: they cannot be recast and their end of life (which lasts 15 to 20 years) poses a serious environmental problem.

A new development by Arkema will help solve one of the wind power industry’s biggest environmental problems: allowing end-of-life wind turbines, including the blades, to be fully recyclable.

Guillaume Cledat, Global Business Director at Elium, will present the innovative product at the webinar. The webinar will be moderated by Anna Kuzenkova, Regional Sales Manager in CIS and Baltic countries at Arkema.

RAWI’s factsheet: Arkema has been a successful player in the global chemical raw materials market for more than 15 years, but its experience in the sector is even more extensive – until 2006 it was the chemical division of Atofina and part of the Total group.

Today, Arkema collaborates with the world’s leading wind power companies, such as LM Wind Power, Sinoma, Gold Wind, Ming Yang, TPI, and invests annually in production expansion and innovation. The result of this planned advancement is a range of unique Elium products, which Arkema is ready to offer to the Russian wind industry market

Registration for the webinar | RAWI events programme

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