Igor Bryzgunov Takes Part in Russian State Duma Energy Committee Expert Council Meeting

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RAWI Board Chairman Igor Bryzgunov took part in an extended session of the section on legislative regulation of distributed energy and renewable energy of the Expert Council of the State Duma Committee on Energy on the “Modernisation of micro-generation in remote and isolated areas of the Far Eastern Federal District” topic.

During the meeting, the relevant ministries outlined their positions on the action plan developed by the Russian Far East and Arctic Development Corporation to implement the “Concept for Attracting Private Investment in the Development of Distributed Generation, Including Renewable Energy Sources, in Remote and Isolated Areas of the Far East and the Arctic.”

Based on the results of the extended meeting, the participants decided to support the presented action plan and ask the Russian Government to approve it, develop a relevant programme with a list of facilities and attractive conditions for investors based on state support measures, as well as make relevant amendments to legislation to ensure that the Support Fund for the Reform of Housing and Utilities Sector can finance the modernisation of isolated power generation facilities located in the Russia’s Far East and the Russian Arctic.

As a reminder, the topic of modernising microgeneration in remote and isolated areas of the Far Eastern Federal District with the use of wind-based electricity generation was actively discussed at the International Wind Energy Forum RAWIFORUM’2021, held in Moscow in December 2021. In the forum’s final document, participants proposed that relevant ministries and departments ensure that the Russian government approves and continues to implement the action plan developed by the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation in collaboration with the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry and the key players in the wind power industry. The participants in RAWIFORUM 2021 also proposed creating conditions for the development of distributed generation in the Russia’s Far East and the Arctic, where any technology, including renewable energy, will be able to show its advantages; the key criteria for investors to receive state support should be the implementation of a project within the limits of the total existing costs of the facility and their reduction in the medium term while maintaining the level of indexation of regulated tariffs.

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