Abuilding Sviritsa Wind Farm not to Disturb Leningrad Oblast’s Birds

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The Sviritsa wind farm project in the Volkhovsky district of the Leningrad Oblast received a positive finding from the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences based on the results of ornithological studies carried out.

The studies are a prerequisite for proceeding to the next step – obtaining approval from the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. “The news is really significant,” commented Igor Bryzgunov, CEO of Vetropark, “the project opens up a new market. It is known that 100% of the wind farms built in Russia today rely on market support under the CDA mechanism. The wind farm in the Volkhovsky district is being built to sell energy under direct contracts to companies that reduce their carbon footprint. In other words, it is already a completely market-based case, not based on support.”

The developers of the Sviritsa wind farm, the company Vetropark (a member of the RAWI), have done a great deal of preparatory work: the design of the foundations of the wind farm; internal networks and roads at the wind farm site have been completed; power distribution schemes have been developed and approved; soils and wind monitoring of the future facility have been conducted, and the mutual impact of the future wind farm and the surrounding bodies of water has been assessed.

Anna Milaya, deputy head of the Volkhovsky district administration for economics and investment policy, noted in her comments to the VolkhovSMI news outlet: “The project is important and complex, from time to time the investor receives new updates. All recommendations received at the meeting from the relevant committees will be finalised and recorded and sent to the relevant authorities in order to further advance the implementation of the complex but important project not only for the region but also for entire Russia.”

As a reminder, the Sviritsa wind power plant investment project is being implemented without state support in the town of Sviritsa in the Leningrad Oblast. The total investment is estimated at RUB 7.5 billion. By the end of 2023, the wind farm plans to start supplying sustainable energy to customers under CDA – free (direct) bilateral contracts. In the near future, the project investors plan to implement similar projects in the North-Western Federal District of Russia with a total capacity of over 900 MW.

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