VES-PROGNOZ to Improve the Efficiency of Wind Farm Energy Sales

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This was revealed by the Russian company INLINE GROUP, which presented its new development – VES-PROGNOZ software – a content solution for forecasting wind farm capacity generation.

The development will enable automatic forecasting of wind power generation by a wind farm. Using machine learning and statistical tools, the software will identify patterns in changes in indicators in previous periods and be able to predict how they will behave in the future. The algorithms incorporated in the system have been successfully tested in real conditions.

The VES-PROGNOZ software is able to collect and process data from wind power plants and weather forecast services, generate a forecast of electricity generation for the next 1-2 hours and a day ahead, as well as visualise the data and forecasts.

The developers believe that the use of VES-PROGNOZ will improve the economic efficiency of electricity sales to the wind farms through “a more accurate forecast of generation volume, as an error in the sales application is penalised or leads to the sale of some electricity at well below market value.”

Sergey Yamov, head of consulting and development at INLINE Group, said: “With the creation of VES-PROGNOZ, we can offer an innovative software solution to energy companies implementing wind power generation projects.”

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