Enel Russia Announces Launch of I-REC Green Certificates Sales

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After receiving accreditation with the International I-REC Association, PJSC Enel Russia started issuing and selling international I-REC Green Certificates. Both legal entities and individuals can buy the certificate. An application for the purchase of certificates can be submitted online on the Enel Russia website.

Commenting on the event, Stephane Zweguintzow, General Director of PJSC Enel Russia, said: “International Green Certificates are further evidence of the value that renewable energy creates. Today we are seeing a growing demand from energy consumers who want to do business responsibly and sustainably. We, in turn, as a generating company, welcome this start and are ready to participate in creating a comfortable environment for the gradual emergence of a new ecosystem that promotes electrification and decarbonisation.”

An I-REC certificate is a record in the I-REC register of electricity production by a specific renewable energy source registered in the I-REC register. I-REC certificates are issued at the request of Russian electricity producers. Generating companies sell their green certificates to intermediaries or end-users – production companies and individuals who wish to use renewable electricity and receive the appropriate confirmation by redeeming these certificates against the electricity consumed. The generating company, in this case, Enel Russia, is only entitled to issue certificates for the amount of renewable electricity actually produced. The certificate itself has a nominal value in kilowatt-hours, which the purchaser of the certificate redeems as the electricity is used.

Enel Russia started producing green energy in Russia in May 2021, when it commissioned its first wind farm in the Rostov Oblast, the 90 MW Azovskaya wind farm. Another Enel Russia’s wind project, the 201 MW Kolskaya wind farm in the Murmansk Oblast, which is labeled to become the largest wind farm in Russia operating beyond the Arctic Circle, is currently under construction.

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