RAWI Joined by Russian-Chinese Joint Venture RK ENERGOMASH

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The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry is delighted to present its newest member, RK Energomash LLC, a Russian-Chinese joint venture majority-owned by Harbin Electric Corporation.

According to RK Energomash, joining RAWI “will allow the company to expand its competences in the wind power industry, increase the level of interaction and cooperation with the largest market players – members of the Association, and diversify the portfolio of orders in terms of wind power construction.”

Among the strategic goals of RK Energomash LLC is the development of renewables and wind power generation especially with deepening the local content level of components produced in Russia. It is planned to produce them using the technology of Harbin Electric Wind Power Company, a part of Harbin Electric, which produces onshore and offshore wind turbines of different capacities that are successfully operating all over the world.

RK Energomash LLC is confident that the knowledge and experience of the Chinese side will allow the joint venture to meet the challenges of increasing the equipment local content level in Russia more effectively. According to the requirements of RES CDA 2.0 for facilities to be commissioned after the end of 2024, local content level must be at least 87%, while the Russian-Chinese company plans to ensure it at 95%.

Russia plans to carry out not only the entire technological cycle of manufacturing the equipment elements with subsequent machining, control, enlarged assembly and installation on the wind farm site, but also repair work and service with delivery of spare parts from the company’s warehouses. In addition, RK Energomash assumes that part of the production and processing of individual elements can be placed at the enterprises of its Russian partners, RAWI members.

RK Energomash also continues to collaborate with Kaspersky Lab to adapt a digital anomaly detector based on MLAD technology for use with wind turbines as part of the local content level increase works.

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