RAWI Chairman Igor Bryzgunov to attend the BRICS’2021 IMF

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The 3rd BRICS International Municipal Forum (BRICS’2021) is being held on 5-6 November with the support of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rossotrudnichestvo (Russian Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation) and the Government of St. Petersburg. Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of RAWI, will participate as a speaker in the ‘Use of Renewable Energy Sources’ session. The topic of his presentation is “Russia’s Wind Energy – Current State and New Opportunities”.

The theme of BRICS’ IMF 2021 is ‘Challenges of Sustainable Development and International Municipal Cooperation in the BRICS+ Format. Municipal Development as a Gyroscope for a Changing World’. The Forum participants come from 64 countries, senior officials and government representatives, regional governors, heads of cities and municipalities, State and regional Duma (Russian parliament) deputies, politicians and opinion leaders, scientists and cultural figures, subject matter experts and, of course, business representatives.

The forum is being held for the third consecutive year. Representatives from all the P5 countries participated in the first BRICS’ IMF 2019. The total number of participants was 700.

In 2020, the Forum was held online. The total number of speakers at the Forum was over 170. 3,796 participants from 76 regions of Russia and more than 30 countries joined the BRICS IMF as listeners. In 2021, the Forum will also be held online.

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