Introducing Sapsan LLC, RAWI’s Newest Member

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Sapsan is a company with a decade of experience in drilling and construction, offering bored piling and foundation installation services, as well as oversized transportation and special equipment rental. By joining the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry, the company plans to increase its work in the area of foundations for wind power assets under construction.

Sapsan is no newcomer to the wind power industry, with a track record of foundation drilling at many wind power assets under construction; at Manlanskaya, Chernoyarskaya, Kholmskaya, Izlunaya and Staritskaya wind farms in the Astrakhan Oblast; at Gukovo-1 wind farm in the Rostov Oblast; at Salinskaya and Tselinskaya wind farms in the Republic of Kalmykia; and at Grazhdanskaya, Pokrovskaya, and Ivanovskaya wind farms in the Samara Oblast.

Sapsan is a professional in the construction of foundations for wind power plants, trusted thanks to its professional team and its own park of all the necessary special equipment. The drilling package carried out by the company’s specialists, in addition to drilling, includes the installation of casing tubes, the penetration of frames and the placement of concrete. The work is carried out using all the necessary equipment, i.e. drill rigs, excavators and bulldozers.

The choice of a particular piling method or technology depends on the tasks set for the builder and the environmental conditions in which the work is carried out. Sapsan is able to perform the installation of bored piles using demountable tubes and casing tubes, as well as the installation of bored piles for foundation stabilisation. The company is proficient in FUNDEX technology, secant piling installation technology and the CFA method.

The pace of the company’s work is illustrated by a recent experience when one of the clients needed to install bored piles in 6 months at a site integrating the sites of five wind farms under construction in the Astrakhan Oblast. A total of 2,400 bored piles with a diameter of 1,200 mm and a depth of up to 35 metres. The entire scope of work was completed on time using 60 pieces of in-house equipment, which were delivered to the site by the company’s own low roaders.

RAWI welcomes the new member and believes that Sapsan will reinforce its professional community, and that the company’s cooperation with other members of the Association will serve the main goal of developing the Russian wind energy market.

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