When You Come to the Right Place: Russian Schoolboy Wins Grant Supported by ULNANOTECH, ALTREN and Skolkovo

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A year ago, Stepan Afanasyev, a schoolboy from Ulyanovsk, decided to prepare a project on “Wind power as a new prospect for the Ulyanovsk Oblast.” To get help, he turned to the team of Altren (a member of the RAWI).

The project allowed Stepan to share up-to-date information about renewables with his peers, as well as about places to study them and then work in this area. For this purpose, a brochure was published and a website was developed on sustainable energy sources and the development of wind energy in the region.

“When in their 9th grades, teenagers usually begin to think about their future and where they would study and work at. Renewables-related jobs are in demand all over the world. I decided to tell my peers about the energy-saving technologies of our region. I am sure that this information will be useful for schoolchildren,” Stepan Afanasyev said.

In addition to Altren, the ninth-grader from Ulyanovsk was assisted by ULNANOTECH (a member of the RAWI), the SKOLKOVO Energy Centre – Moscow School of Management and

This year Stepan won a grant from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs at the All-Russian My Country – My Russia youth copyright projects contest in the amount of 65 thousand roubles. Copies of his brochure can now be read in Ulyanovsk schools’ libraries.

Altren CEO and member of the RAWI board Andrey Redkin considers it important that Stepan not only came up with a ‘cool project’, but also brought it to fruition. “We are pleased that he showed us the finished result. I am glad that a lot of kids like Stepan do exist, and they do work, they bring what they started to the end. For a student, that is not easy; in fact, this is some kind of an organisational job which is usually up to the professional marketer. And we are happy to support these kids, and there should be much more of them, they are our future entrepreneurs!” he said.

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