Lubricant Monitoring Expert MITs GSM Joins RAWI

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MITs GSM (International Testing Centre for Fuels and Lubricants), a leading player in the Russian market for monitoring services for fuels and lubricants, joined the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry.

Members of the MITs GSM team are confident that the knowledge and experience accumulated by the centre since its foundation in 2008 will help in solving urgent problems of the wind power industry. Regular monitoring of the condition of lubricants in gearboxes and bearings of wind farm equipment, in their opinion, will significantly, if not many times, increase the service life of wind turbines, reduce the LCOE, increase the capacity factor by reducing extraordinary maintenance time, and reduce operating costs associated with the purchase of consumables.

Today, MITs GSM consists of three laboratories linked into a single system, one per cities of Moscow, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg, which test samples of lubricants and specialty liquids. Comparing the results of the analyses carried out with the limit values specified by the equipment manufacturers allows not only to judge the current condition of the lubricant, but also to make decisions on the technical condition and prediction of the equipment’s serviceability.

For participants of the wind energy market, MITs GSM LLC offers its services in sampling and testing all types of lubricants used, preparation of monitoring programmes in accordance with the requirements of equipment manufacturers, as well as personnel training.

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