RAWI Presented at Russia’s National Oil & Gas Forum

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RAWI Presented at Russia’s National Oil & Gas Forum

Renewable energy and carbon-free technologies in manufacturing and transport sectors are attracting increasing attention from investors. Representatives of Russia’s behemoth industry –oil and gas sector –also put their eyes on the renewables market and see it as a platform to apply their expertise and investment. This year’s the National Oil & Gas Forum’s sessions, which were held on 27 April in Moscow, saw an unexpected number of proceedings, speeches and presentations on the development of renewable energy in Russia and sustainable technologies in manufacturing industry. The number of speakers representing renewables has increased manifold.

One of the Forum’s events – ‘New ESG-projects and innovations – risks and opportunities: development of green technologies and investments in ecological engineering’ foresight session (jointly conducted with Gazprombank JSC and) moderated by Marina Vashukova, Executive Director of National Network of the Global Compact Association – was attended by RAWI Chairman Igor Bryzgunov.

The panellist spoke on current state of one of the most rich in resources market among all the renewables – wind power market – and he stressed that in Russia, thanks to investors and equipment manufacturers, an industry that includes not only the design and construction of wind farms, but also the production of key components of wind turbines, has been created. The country has built 1,175 MW of wind farms, with another 1,500 MW being under construction now and plans to have more than 3,500 MW in operation by the end of 2024. Of course, these volumes do not look so impressive compared to the 730 GW built in the world, but then, it ought to be noted that the Russia’s very first wind farm was built mere four years ago. 

Nevertheless, the rapporteur noted, Russia’s wind power industry is developing in the national wholesale market for electricity and power. There are two other market niches that need development, namely production of green power for sale under direct contracts and production of green hydrogen at wind projects. Russia has great potential to develop these two areas and companies committed to transition to carbon-free production are already negotiating direct green power capacity delivery agreements with respective power producers.

The session was also attended by the following speakers:

Maxim Remchukov, Sustainable Development Director at SIBUR LLC;

Alexander Savanovich, VP Services Russia & CIS at Schneider Electric;

Sergey Daiman, Director, Sustainability and HSE Solutions at EY;

Andrey Gaidamaka, Member of the Expert Council for Corporate Governance of the Bank of Russia; 

Ravil Deinikov, Head of the Centre for Environmental Projects, Department for Support of National Projects and Regional Programs, Gazprombank JSC;

Kristina Zakharcheva, Head of the Department of the Centre for Sustainable Development, MGIMO (ICGD); 

Oleg Pertsovsky, Director of Operations for the Energy Efficient Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation; 

Sanjar Turgunov, General Director of CREON Energy; 

Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWI); Dmitry Siginevich, Expert of the Energy Centre of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

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