Sarens Bel Installs Wind Turbines in Belarus

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The Sarens Bel (a subsidiary of the Sarens Group, a member of the RAWI) has successfully carried out service work on the replacement of the gearbox and generator at three Dewind D4-48-600 wind turbines with a tower height of 68 meters at wind plants near the cities of Smarhonʹ and Mahilyow, Belarus.

Replacing the gearbox in the wind turbine nacelle required preliminary removal of the rotor weighing 12.7 tons with  its redeployment upon finishing the works. In the past, such works would require a 500 ton crane and a large budget for delivery and rental allocation.

To carry out this work, Sarens Bel used a rented Grove GMK6300L all-terrain truck-mounted crane with a maximum lift capacity of 300 tons, a 80 metres telescopic boom, and a 37 metres jib. The machinery has become an ideal choice for servicing wind turbines with a tower height of up to 100 metres.

Sarens Bel performs a wide range of works in wind turbine installation which includes loading and unloading operations with 100 and 130 ton cranes (the company engineers can prepare drawings and site deployment for unloading performed by up to two cranes), technical support services using available for rent cranes with boom length starting from 60 metres. The company’s flagship is a crane with a maximum lift capacity of 600 tons, capable of mounting wind turbines with a height of up to 138 metres.

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