WRS Bashni’s Plant Goes Full Capacity

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The plant of the WRS Bashni reached the maximum capacity of production of wind turbines towers. The company plans to produce 12 steel wind turbine towers every month, with a full capacity of 144 towers a year.

According to the technology, towers is more than 84 meters high, 4.3 meters in diameter and transported to the site in 3-4 sections. The weight of the structure is 190 tons.

According to the General Director of the plant Petr Spiridonov, investors have allocated 1 billion 087 million rubles for the project implementation, including the purchase of main and auxiliary equipment.

“For our company, the completion of the second phase is a key step in the timely execution of this year’s production plan. We intend to further continue admission and training of industrial personnel, as well as to focus on the timely shipment of finished products,” – said Peter Spiridonov.

WRS Bashni is a joint project of Spanish Windar Renovables and Russian RUSNANO and Severstal. The company is located in the city of Taganrog, the Rostov Oblast. The plant was built within the state programme of renewable energy development, which provides for localisation of RES equipment and creation of a new sector of high-tech power engineering. The joint venture was the first in Russia to produce wind turbine towers.

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