Deputy Chairman of the Board of NP Market Council to Be the Moderator of the Session at the RAWI FORUM 2020

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Oleg Barkin, Member of the Board of the Assotiation, Deputy Chairman of the Board, NP Market Council, will be the moderator of the “Wind energy market segments in Russia: issues and prospects” session at the RAWI FORUM 2020.

Until now, market participants are ‘skimming the cream off’, developing projects in the wholesale market, leaving the enormous opportunities of the retail market and the market of direct contracts aside.  The market for direct contracts in the wind energy sector is underestimated by investors. This market’s own legislative regulation does not stimulate the development of projects in this segment. There are no projects in the niche of electricity purchase to compensate losses of grid companies. There is no presence of Re100 companies in the market. Under the guidance of Oleg Barkin, participants of the session will debate the following issues:

  • CDA 2.0 investment resource allocation: what will outweigh?
  • Which segments of the wind energy market are inactive in Russia?
  • Does the retail market have any prospects? What hinders its development?
  • Does Russia need offshore wind?
  • RES-based projects for remote and isolated power grids: what are the mechanisms of transition from pilot projects to mass penetration?
  • Do the market participants have stomach for microgeneration?
  • PPAs (direct contracts); are they possible in the current legal environment? What changes does it take to protect investors and consumers?
  • What is the estimated market capacity of the PPA segment in Russia? At what LCOE values does this segment unlock?
  • Large users; who are they? Are they ready to work on projects and sign PPAs even today? What additional conditions should be provided?

The NP Soviet Rynka (Market Council, the regulator of energy markets) Association unites (on a membership basis) sellers and buyers of electric energy (capacity) who are subjects of the wholesale market, participants of electric power circulation at the wholesale market, organisations providing functioning of commercial and technological infrastructure of the wholesale market and other organisations operating in the field of electric power industry. Oleg Barkin is engaged in the development of the competitive power market, grading (classification) and certification of facilities based on renewable energy sources.


We are looking forward to seeing you at the RAWIFORUM2020 in Moscow on February 19-20!

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