Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Siemens Tekhnologii Gazovykh Turbin Completes The First Wind Turbine Nacelles Assembly In Russia

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This marked the successful launch of the Siemens Gamesa (member of RAWI) assembly facility in Russia. The first models that are currently being assembled will be delivered to Enel Russia, one of the country’s independent power producers. The assembly is carried out within the framework of the agreement for the supply of 26 SG 3.4-132 turbines for the Azovskaya windfarm in the Rostov Oblast, which includes the delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment.

Siemens Gamesa started localisation of its business in 2017, and in 2018 the company signed an agreement with STGT to assemble wind turbine modules for the Russian market. Together with Siemens Gamesa, STGT specialists created an assembly line for the production of nacelles near St. Petersburg.

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, one of the players in the Russian renewable energy market, is helping Russia to achieve its goals in the renewable energy development and the development of local wind energy. With the assistance of STGT and other local suppliers and partners of Siemens Gamesa, it has been possible to create a supply chain in recent years, meeting the requirement for localisation of products in Russia.

“Russia is a new wind energy market with great potential. We have proved our commitment to the Russian market and are absolutely sure that with the help of local partners, such as STGT, we will be able to successfully develop wind energy in Russia,” Daniil Solomonov said, CEO of Siemens Gamesa Russia. “We also want to thank our client, Enel Russia, for their trust and assistance in implementing the project, which helped us to successfully enter the Russian market.”

“Having such a strong partner as Siemens Gamesa, we can continue developing local production and promoting the widespread penetration of renewable energy in Russia. This allows us to diversify the portfolio of turbines produced in Russia for Russia,” Nico Paetzold said, General Director of Siemens Tekhnologii Gazovykh Turbin, LLC.

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