12.12 Webinar “Wind turbine drive train concepts”

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The webinar will first introduce the company aerodyn (member of the RAWI). Then an overview is given of different drivetrain concepts in wind turbines. Both different bearing concepts as well as different gearbox- and generator concepts are presented and the pros and cons are highlighted.

Name of the company:    aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH

Location of the company:    Provianthausstr. 9, 24768 Rendsburg, Germany

Founded: 1983

Object of the company:    Engineering office for the development and design of wind turbines

Number of employees:    30

To date, aerodyn specialists have made a great contribution to the development of many turbines options and, together with partners, have successfully implemented a number of complex projects. The innovative developments of aerodyn have significantly influenced the current level of technological development. Today, turbines designed by aerodyn reliably generate electricity on all five continents without harming the environment. The development of components or complex installations was carried out for many manufacturers, calculations were made and documents necessary for certification were prepared. At the same time, turbines with a capacity of 5 to 6500 kW were created according to various concepts.

What matters are going to be covered?

  • Представление компании aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH
  • Comparison of wind turbine drive train concepts

Who can avail of the webinar?

  • Engineers of the turbine manufacturing companies
  • Wind project developers/wind farm operators
  • Wind project investors/wind farm owners
  • Wind turbine service technicians


Peter Krämer, graduated in mechanical engineering, studied at the University of Applied Sciences Kiel, is technical manager and product manager at aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH since 2017 and at aerodyn since 2002. From 2004 to 2017 he was Head of Machine Design and Product Manager. As product manager, he has initiated the aeroMaster product family with now 5 turbine sizes 1.5 MW, 2 MW, 2.5 MW, 4 MW and 5 MW. During his time at aerodyn he worked in various turbine developments as a mechanical engineer with special tasks for yaw system, pitch systems, bolted joints, shaft calculations and several other tasks. He was involved in the development of special in-house software tools. In addition, he was project manager for several individual design projects. As technical manager he is responsible for the coordination of the engineering groups and the optimization of the internal processes and interfaces. In addition to his work as technical manager and product manager, he also supports the sales department. From 1987 to 2002 he worked for AVL Zöllner GmbH Kiel and was involved in the design and development of chassis dynamometers and engine test benches. Before leaving AVL Zöllner, he was head of the Machine Design and Manufacturing Department.

Date held: December 12, 2019.

Duration: с 10:00 до 11:00 a.m. (Moscow time)

Post-webinar, RAWI’s YouTube channel will contain the footage of the webinar.

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

Should you have any questions, please contact the coordinator:

Nina Kovalenko

e-mail: kovalenko@rawi.ru

phone +7 (495) 134 68 88

mobile +7 (978) 841 22 39 (Viber, WhatsApp)


Please note, that the RAWI encourages all its members to use the opportunity of hosted webinars to expand the knowledge of market participants about their services and expand their client base.

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