SCADA International Equips Vestas-made Wind Turbines With Measuring Systems

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SCADA International, LLC (the member of the RAWI) has successfully completed a range of works on equipping Vestas wind turbines (92 units) manufactured for wind power plants in the Ulyanovsk and Rostov oblasts with measuring systems certified for operation in the Russian Federation with the involvement of highly qualified field engineers from the European Union and the Russian Federation.

Certified measuring systems are the key to successful entry into the wholesale market and the start of electrical supply and power delivery under the capacity delivery agreement (CDA).

The high-tech production of Vestas in the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast utilises modern technologies and components in the process of manufacturing. One of the small but important stages of work is performed by highly qualified and certified technicians of SCADA International.

Both system of electric power technical record-keeping and electric power fiscal metering system in the Russian Federation differ from similar systems in the European Union and the United States. Therefore, SCADA International was tasked with incorporating certified Russian measuring systems into the existing configuration and mutual bracing of the turbine components.

Long track record and intimate knowledge of all the peculiarities of the Vestas turbines by SCADA International specialists have allowed them to deliver on the target with minimal structural changes (carried out by SCADA International technicians) and preservation of the aesthetic factor of the internal arrangement of elements in the turbine.

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