Espacio Energy joins the RAWI

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Espacio Energy is a strong partner for the development, financing, construction and operation of energy projects. The company is playing a leading role in helping to convert energy supplies and supporting the protection of the climate. With a vast experience of more than 10 years work in renewable energy sector, team of the company is ready to design, develop and to arrange the complete funding of major energy and infrastructure’s projects in a timely fashion.

The company is experienced in Russian renewable energy market where the team has audited the design and construction of several projects.

The company’s core business is development (in green energy sector) and construction of renewable energy projects. Espacio Energy manages international investment funds and cooperates through strong partnerships with powerful IPPs, utilities, as well top international companies representing: engineering sector, international EPC companies from Europe, Middle East and Asia.

We collaborate with companies in Spain, Romania, Turkey, Malaysia and Russia in order to identify opportunities, evaluate risks, and launch successful ventures in clean energy and advanced grid technologies. Through the depth and wideness of company’s technical, regulatory, product and organizational expertise in energy markets, the company empowers its clients with the insight they need to tackle critical business issues and develop lasting competitive advantage.

The company’s services:

– Project development
– Business concept/Finance
– Project purchasing
– Project Sales

The company is also in active contact with various stakeholders, including:

– Investors
– Property owners
– Local authorities
– Regional project partners and construction contractors
– Wind turbine manufacturers
– Banking and investing institutions

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