Russian Association Of Wind Power Industry Creates YouTube Channel

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May 13, St. Petersburg. The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry, consolidating more than 150 participants of the Russian wind energy market, created a channel on YouTube.

The public of the RAWI has more than 14 thousand business contacts in Russia and many countries of the world. The Association has become the largest competence platform for the wind power industry in Russia.

Video reports and video footages of the brand new RAWI channel will center around what wind turbines can be; their variants of configuration; which companies manufacture WTs in Russia and where they are located; which entities built wind farms and how they do this in such a vast country like Russia. The channel will appeal both to the market professionals, university students, and regular persons who take an interest in the development of a new energy generation sector in Russia and the world.

The creators of the channel plan to shoot videos on topics that gain traction among channel subscribers, based on their feedback and comments.

The content of the channel is aimed at a vast audience of viewers and is supplied with subtitles available in 9 languages.

Keep an eye for our YOUTUBE channel WIND POWER

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